Frank Koretsky

Frank Koretsky

Frank Koretsky - The Philanthropic Entrepreneur

A successful and diversified businessman and philanthropist, Frank Koretsky fully understands that determination and hard work are the keys to his ongoing success. Koretsky turned his own dreams into a reality through vision, ambition, and business acumen, making him one of the most respected and admired men in international business today.

Starting Out

Frank Koretsky’s start came at Bloomsberg University in Pennsylvania, and continued on to graduate from West Chester University’s business school. Always trying to combine business with his passions, Koretsky worked his way through school as a DJ, playing at weddings, dorm parties, and even helped to establish an alcohol-free cabaret called “Cheers.”

At the age of 23, Koretsky launched his first retail business. While continuing to DJ at night, he spent his days on the road selling and distributing consumer electronics and videotapes. Koretsky’s energy and vision paved the way to many successful ventures, including distribution, manufacturing, residential and commercial real estate, and film production.

Business Development

Koretsky’s nearly 30 of business and entrepreneurial experience are evident in his record for creating and building his multifaceted portfolio of businesses. Growing from extremely humble beginnings, his two primary distribution companies – International Video Distributors (IVD) and East Coast News (ECN) – now exist as the largest entities in their respective industries, boasting three nationwide locations and a combined employee roster of well over 200 people.

Expanding beyond his successes in the distribution arena, Frank chose to follow the challenging and unlikely path into product manufacturing. Calling on the sum of his business experiences, Koretsky has served as the driving force behind the development of several successful brands. Two of Koretsky’s most recent holdings include global brands Baci Lingerie and OVO Lifestyle Toys. Koretsky oversees all aspects of these award-winning brands’ operations, allowing him to provide strategic and uniform direction, as well as seamless service and communication with distributors.

In addition to his business success, Koretsky has also earned the title of real estate investor and developer. Acquiring and rehabilitating commercial and residential properties alike has been an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor for Frank. Working with trusted partners, Koretsky’s property investments in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and New Jersey have all benefited from his vision and experience.


Outside of this demanding work schedule, Koretsky remains committed to a number of charitable and philanthropic efforts. His accredited 501C3 non-profit, The Koretsky Family Foundation, serves as a vehicle to support a variety of hand-picked beneficiary organizations. Primarily targeting cancer research, Koretsky’s fundraising efforts have also delivered much-needed assistance to a number of other groups, including the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide. Within the realm of fighting cancer, The Koretsky Family Foundation is a major contributor to the Fox Chase Cancer Center, The Eileen Stein Jacoby Fund, as well as the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center a the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami.

Extending his impact on the causes he supports, Frank Koretsky has dedicated the efforts and reach of his businesses to charitable fundraising as well. Over the course of many years, IVD, ECN and now Baci and OVO have collected funds at corporate functions and by participating in a number of annual, organized events.


Above all else, Frank Koretsky is a happily married family man with two beautiful daughters. While his public passion for business development is often most apparent, Frank’s private love for and support from his family are truly what drives his every effort – and are the true measure of his success.